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2L sections

· One min read
Marco Pellegrino


Double sections such as 2L are widely use in steel structures but, unfortunately, FEM-Design does not ship these kind of geometries out of the box.

However, with some few steps and the API, you can create a custom library that you can use over and over again.

Let's try to summarise the steps first.

  1. Select all the LE shape sections from the Database


  1. Apply a mirror transformation to the section surfaces. In our case, I have applied a mirror at a specific distance which represent the space between the L shapes.


  1. Construct a custom section specifying GroupName, TypeName and SizeName. The input will be used by #FEM-Design as shown in the picture below.



You can now import your brand new pool of sections in FEM-Design!

I have already talked about custom section and you might be interested in reading this blog post.

You can download the Grasshopper definition used in this tutorial from here 👉Grasshopper Definition