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Topology optimisation

· 2 min read
Marco Pellegrino
Isak Björhag


It’s time for some topology optimization! More specifically multivariable optimization of a parametric timber truss. 🤓

In this example I have created a timber truss with 4 variables that describe the shape of it. This is a very practical way of going about a topology optimization since you can limit the possible shapes due to production limitations to achieve an optimized structure that doesn’t look like a warped alien spaceship 🚀 😊

This parametrization gave approximately 100 000 different shapes which is too many to try them all (brute force). Instead, I used Grasshopper and Galapagos to utilize some machine learning to reduce the time to find an optimal solution.

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I also utilized the design groups in the FEM-Design API so that all truss elements had the same section as well as the above and below beam. I also instructed FEM-Design to carry out an auto design of each shape to obtain viable solutions with below 100% utilization of the cross sections. I opted to optimize with regard to timber weight to minimize material, but you can create another fitness function to optimize for price, deflection, CO2 emissions or why not a combination of them all.

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Watch the video

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