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Master thesis - AFRY

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Marco Pellegrino

Master thesis in collaboration with AFRY

In this blog post, we'll explore the master's thesis collaboration of Olle Carlsson and Fredrik Svärdström, two students passionate about parametric design. Partnering with AFRY Engineering Company, they embarked on a project centered around creating a truss using Grasshopper, FEM-Design API and Tekla.


  • Grasshopper: Using the visual programming language plugin for Rhino, Olle and Fredrik created a parametric truss structure and manipulated parameters with ease.

  • FEM-Design API: They employed this API to simulate and analyze their truss design's structural performance, ensuring stability and safety.

  • Tekla: By utilizing Tekla, the students transformed their digital truss model into a fabrication-ready version with precise measurements and specifications.


Olle Carlsson and Fredrik Svärdström's thesis project exemplifies the potential of parametric design in architecture and engineering. Through their collaboration with AFry Engineering Company, they have opened up new possibilities for the future of design and construction.

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Watch the video

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